with Suzanne Strickler

​Certified PA Real Estate Instructor  - Associate Broker - Delaware County 2020 Reassessment Appeal Board Committee Chairperson

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About to take the PA Real Estate Exam?

Or maybe you already took it and only passed one half of it. You studied hard but still didn't make the 75% passing grade. No worries! 

How about getting the right help you need to get through it next time?

In a 6 hour virtual session, you'll gain a thorough understanding of PA testing procedures and rules that will be covered in both the National and State Test Sections.

Exam strategy is explained and your test-taking skills will be developed.  This Exam Prep Class uses unique study methods to prepare you to pass the PA Real Estate Exam today so you can become licensed tomorrow.


You'll be able to ask the questions that you need answered. You'll be taught by a Pennsylvania Certified Instructor, not an on-line program. 

Call the Real Estate Academy at 800-544-3000 (the school) or call or text me at 484-343-5717 (the instructor) to register.

Class Calendar

Sat & Sun

July 9th & 10th, 2022       9am - 12 noon
 Virtual Classroom
You can fit this into your schedule.

Click on my Business Card Below to get information about virtual Pennsylvania Pre- Licensing Classes. Full 75 hours.

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This Exam Review Class

is perfect for licensed Out of State agents who want to pass the Pennsylvania State Exam to expand their sales territory.

Also included is access to  on-line Flashcards which is a proven way to learn the real estate vocabulary in a fun and easy way!

Virtual learning

Now distance isn't an issue. Using Zoom Pro Software as a platform, you are learning in the privacy of your own home. No traffic to battle anywhere in Pennsylvania. We'll be concentrating on the testing techniques used by the PA Real Estate Commission.

$25 for 6 hours. One weekend. Saturday & Sunday 9am - Noon.
Register first by either calling The Real Estate Academy at 800-544-3000  OR call me, text me or fill out the form below.
Let's get you on the road to your real estate career.